ASBM 8th Batch BBA Inauguration & Foundation Day  Celebration

ASBM welcomed its 9 th PGDM Batch and 8 th BBA Batch in its inaugural programme on 22 August in its campus. Hon'ble Justice, Shri Ananga Kumar Pattanayak, Former Judge of Supreme Court of India was the Guest of Eminence of the occasion.  Shri Ravindra Cham aria, Chairman, Infinity Group was the Guest of Honor.

Dr. Biswajeet Pattanayak, Founder and Director of ASBM in his welcome address spoke about the great disparity in the country between the well off and the disfranchised and painted out to the fact that corporate houses must become socially sensitive and be obtainable especially in rural areas. He cited various philosophers including Dr. Parathasarathy and quoted that "We have intelligence but we lack in intellect" and therefore we must gather our forces and take hold of our lives for molding  a better future".

Guest of honor Shri Ravindra Chamaria, Chairman, Infinity Group congratulated the new batches for making the right selection for a course in management by joining ASBM. He stressed on the importance of experiences in one's life and said to the students that 'concentration' is the 1 st Step to success, they have to be consistent in their approach and must display 'cooperativeness '; the cooperative endeavor is a must for success to materialize. He said that "We must compete with our self" to find and change "our developing abilities". "Education ultimately leads to both material and spiritual gains and the ultimate manifestation is happiness".

Dr. Rajendra Singh (Winner of Ramon Magsaysay award ),  also known as Waterman of India,  was conferred with the "ASBM Lifetime Achievement Award" by Chief Guest, Hon'ble Justice  Shri A.K. Pattanayak.

Dr. Rajendra Singh started his speech by pointing out to the students that they should never lose their focus in their career and must strive harder in their most difficult of times. He said that "Each and every student in ASBM can provide hope to the country" and went on to talk about the disappointing state of decreasing water level in the rivers in India. He also stressed on the urgent need for sensitivity towards nature for creating a better future. He ended by thanking Founder and Director of ASBM Dr. Biswajeet Pattanayak.

Hon'ble Justice, Shri Ananga Kumar Pattanayak started his speech by saying that "Business cannot be done at the cost of the society but has to be done, to further the cause of the society".  He also said to the students, to make best of their opportunities during their study at ASBM and it is their hand to prepare themselves by converting opportunity to advantage.

ASBM Journal of Management Vol. 7, Issue 2 was released by the Guest of Eminence, Hon'ble Justice, and Shri Ananga Kumar Pattanayak.

Dr. Biswajeet Pattanayak presented ASBM Memento to all the guests. Prof. Kalyan S. Ray, Dean introduced the guests. Dr. Hemanta Kumar Panda, Principal ASBM-IPS gave the Vote of Thanks at the end of the occasion.