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The Finishing School of ASBM Institute of Professional Studies aims at improving the overall personality, attitude, behaviour and communication skill of the students. It offers Power Packed Personality Placement Grooming Modules (4 PGM) consisting of a unique blend of courses like Functional English, Language Skill, Professional Skills for Managers, English for Occupational Purpose and Current Affairs.




The objective of the training programme is to bring about personality development with regard to the different behavioural dimensions that have far reaching significance in the direction of personal, social and organizational effectiveness . The course is aptly called “Finishing School” as it gives a finishing touch to the personality enriching and making the content knowledge useful by adding feathers of communication. This course helps the students to be smart and industry-ready professionals.


The Finishing school modules comprise of the following components:


Module – I : Functional English


This module aims at developing basic English language proficiency of the learners by teaching them functional English and related grammar.


Module- II : Language Skill Development


This module aims at developing reading, writing and speaking skills in English through different activities. It develops proficiency to carry out the required language functions in English in real life contexts like introducing, describing, narrating, planning, asking for information, instructing and other important language functions.


Module –III : Professional Skills for Managers


This module prepares the students to be successful managers nourishing in them elements related to personality.


Module – IV: English for Occupational Purpose


This module enables the students to be completely familiar with the procedure of job applications and the recruitment procedures. To accomplish this, the students are trained to draft attention-grabbing resume, covering letter, and C.V. They also learn the techniques of Interview, Group discussion etc. so as to be able to impress the recruiters favourably.


Module – V: Current Affairs


This module aims at keeping the future managers updated with events around them related to management and business.




The Finishing School is supported by an advanced language laboratory with audio-visual installation that helps the students improve their communication skill. It motivates the students to talk freely and develops listening and speaking skills, since they hear correct pronunciation through their headphones. This set up fosters more interactive session between students and teacher and brings variety in the teaching-learning process instead of boring verbal centered teaching. Moreover, it follows a student-centered approach as the students can learn the lessons at their own pace, thus making the learning process more user friendly.

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