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Industry Institute Partnership Cell

The Government has initiated major economic reforms and changes in the industrial policy since 1991. Liberalisation and globalization of the Indian economy have forced us to think over, "are we equipped with the latest technology and practices which are needed to keep India competitive in the global economy?" The answer is yes. To survive and succeed in this new scenario, the input that is most essential is the human resource. As technologies change rapidly, retraining and updating of the work force continuously are becoming major challenges facing each and every country today. At present, there is a significant gap for required skills in the industry which is necessary to sustain and promote industrial and economic growth. To bridge this gap, ASBM, Bhubaneswar has setup a separate Industry Institute Partnership Cell (under aegis of the AICTE) for this purpose.

Better interaction between Management Institutions and Industry is the need of the hour. With the advent of globalization and opening up of Indian economy to outside world, competitions among industries have become stiff. To solve their management problems they now look up to Management Institutions. This will have great bearing on the management education Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to management students and subsequent placement of young graduating managers in industries across the country. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the academic institute and by making ASBM one of the pivotal nodes in Industrial Research, Consultancy, and Continuing Education for Industry.


  • Developing close links between Industry and Institute by interaction programmes.
  • dentification of the present day requirements for professionals and meeting the future human resource needs.
  • MoU between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
  • To conduct Industrial Training and Industrial Visits for the students and faculty.
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institute.
  • To encourage Industry to collaborate in Industry Study Tour Programme / Intern-ship Programme.
  • Organizing seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and workshops on latest technological advancements, evaluation of project work with the collaborative efforts between industrial experts and faculty.
  • Training the shop floor / factory workers, supervisors and professionals through continuing education programs such as "Soft skill development, communication, leadership skills, etc".
  • Publishing and issuing technical bulletins/news letters and course materials with latest technological developments.
  • Widening and effectively implementing the area of R & D and consultancy between the industries and the Institute.
  • Motivate the young future action leaders to become successful entrepreneurs.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Body for Industry-Institute Partnership Cell of ASBM has been constituted as per the mandate and guidelines of AICTE. The Advisory Council is the policy making body of the ASBM IIPC and all the programmes and activities of the IIPC is carried out in accordance with directive of the Advisory Council.


Mr. K. Chandrasekhar
Project Officer, Industry – Institute Partnership Cell
Asian School of Business Management,
Shiksha Vihar, Chandaka, Bhubaneswar-751024
Ph: +91674-2374827