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ASBM will set best standards for management education and business leadership.





ASBM will shape itself as the school for the New Generation managers to instill in them power of positive thinking, exemplary speed of execution, insatiable desire for new information and knowledge, quest for adventure and a penchant for out of box thinking. The school would crystallize the maturity and experience of its founder professionals in diverse fields, benchmark it with learning from the best b-school practices from around the world and offer through the most modern pedagogic practice, the best b-school education to mould the student managers to take on the challenges of India Inc. ASBM would strive to provide a highly evolved value based education that presents the best precepts and practice of corporate governance, ethical business practices, sensitivity towards realities of the market place and that of a predominantly rural economy of India in order to shape the student managers to become mature business leaders of Asia.

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