Asian School of Business Management


MOUs and Partnership

MOU with Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, USA


The Memorandum of Understanding has been exchanged between Asian School of Business Management and Eastern Michigan University (EMU), Michigan, USA for graduate degree programmes, exchange of information regarding programmes of study, conferences and other professional activities

Graduate academic study and research opportunities for students;


To provide teaching research and professional development opportunities for faculty members;

To establish academic programmes, exchanges and cooperative relationship.




MOU with Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Joint research, exchange of faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students for research and study, exchange of information in fields of interest to both ASBM and MSU. .



Development of professional and continuing education courses and programmes to benefit students and faculty in the United States, India, and where appropriate, other countries

Exchange of scholars for lectures, talks, conferences, colloquia, symposia and sharing experiences.  




MoU with St. Cloud State University, Minnesota,

United States of America





To introduce Master in Engineering Management (MEM) Programme jointly.  Student, Faculty and Research Scholar exchanges to promote cross-cultural learning and research.



Encourage co-operation in such activities as joint research lectures, symposia and country visits for students and faculty members.

Enable the exchange of data, documentation and research materials in the field of mutual interest.




MOU with San Bernardino University, California,

United States of America




  International Internship Programme at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), for a period of 8 weeks for selected students that includes course work, industry visits and/or excursion visits On successful completion of the programme, the certificate of participation will be provided by the Global Management Centre of CSUSB to all the visiting students who will successfully pass the course. The existing fee of the institute does not include this programme. The expenses towards this will be borne separately by the student.Faculty Exchange, Collaborative research, workshop, internship, conferences and professional development programmes.

Students Exchange



Transfer of Bachelor’s/Master’s exchange international students for an academic term or more at CSUSB


Short-term international training, education and research


Transfer of Bachelor’s/Masters international exchange students for the Master’s degree at CSUSB

MOU with  Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Singapore




  ASBM has exchanged MoU with MDIS with the following broad objectives : 

To jointly organize seminars, promotional and marketing activities and/or networking sessions.



To publish regular newsletters and/or journals that promote and support the objectives of both parties

To facilitate and promote student and or staff exchanges between both parties


To develop and offer short-term professional development or training courses

To consider further academic cooperation leading to articulation and other collaboration arrangements 


MOU with Westcliff University, California, United States of America




  Asian School of Business Management (ASBM) and Westcliff University (WU), voluntarily join this agreement on cultural and educational cooperation by establishing a sister-hood relationship. Both institutions will cooperate in fields of teaching and research to be agreed upon. Within these mutually designed fields of study both institutions agree to the following general forms of cooperation:

Joint research activities and the exchange of faculty and staff members.



The exchange of information of mutual interest.


The exchange of students in general programs. 


MOU with College of Management "Edukacja", Wroclaw,Poland




  ASBM has exchanged MoU with College of Management, Poland with the broad understanding of :

To exchange academic teachers and scholars for the purpose of lectures, seminars etc.,



To organise internships for students

  In the field of research:

To carry out joint research projects,


To exchange scientific and technical information,

To coordinate scientific research,

To exchange scientific results in the specific areas,

To publish the results in these areas,

To organise joint seminars, conferences, symposia etc.

  In the field of student exchange:
To create conditions enabling students to take up undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the partner’s institution.
To exchange students for a period of one semester or its part, or for a time necessary to carry out a specific project, to undergo training or to prepare a diploma paper.
To carry out joint research programmes by students.
To exchange sports and cultural groups.




MoU with Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), Buenos Aires, Argentina



Faculty Exchange



Student Exchange



Exchange of scientific, technical and other data



Visiting scholar programme



Research projects of mutual interest



Holiday of Symposia, Conferences and Workshops of mutual interest



MoU with North Carolina Central University (NCCU), Durham, NC, United States of America



Joint and collaborative research



Faculty and student exchange



Collaborative in-depth work in the focus areas of International Business, International Finance, and International Marketing & Entrepreneurial Education



Dr. Charlie Nemls, Chancellor, NCCU visited ASBM to strengthen the collaborative ties.




MoU with Gati Limited





Gati & ASBM have entered into an MoU to promote, popularise, nourish and develop the discipline of Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Accordingly, the following steps have been taken



Establishment of ASBM Gati Centre for Excellence in Logistics & Supply chain Management with seed money support from Gati Ltd.



Running of two full time residential PGDM – Logistics & Supply Chain Management (approved and recognised by AICTE) in collaboration with Gati Ltd.



Running PGDM-LSCM in distance mode for the working executives of Gati Ltd. with approval from Distance Education Council, Govt. of India



Gati extends technical and business input to update the course curriculum, pedagogy and delivery.



Gati facilitates experience sharing sessions by its senior executives.



Practical orientation through summer internship



Competency based final placement













Sponsored by INFINITY Group for the Topper of Post Graduate Diploma in Management.



SBH Gold Medal



Sponsored by SBH for Director’s Gold Medal for the “Best All Rounder” student.