Certificate Programme on Structural Equation Modeling Using AMOs

                    Certificate  Programme on Structural Equation Modeling Using AMOs

Structural equation modelling is one of the most useful and popular techniques for testing the measurement theory and
the structural relations among variables. It is a combination of factor analysis and regression analysis specifying the
observed variables and the unobserved/latent variables with their errors in measurement that are not observed in
many multivariate analyses. It is a family of techniques that covers factor analysis, path analysis, regression models,
and change analysis. SEM allows a researcher to test complex models with multiple pathways, model latent variables
with multiple indicators, investigate mediation and moderation in a systematic way and adjust for measurement error
in predictor variables. This workshop shall provide the participants a general introduction to SEM.
To provide the state-of-the-art knowledge in SEM.
To familiarize the participants with the usage of application-softwares.
To equip the teachers and researchers with the desired skills to handle complex research models using SEM
Scholars, pursuing their PhD/ M.Phil./ Masters programme in the area of Management / Economics or Social and
Agricultural Science, Faculty members, and corporate executives interested in research and publication.
Exploratory Factor analysis, Principal Component Analysis;
Content Analysis, Content validity, Designing of a Construct;
Construct Validity, Convergent and Discriminant Validity, Outlier Testing;
Common Bias Error;
Confirmatory Factor Analysis;
Mediation and Moderation Effects, Group Analysis;
Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis;