Asian School of Business Management, a premiere institute in management education, research and development, organized a two-day long Faculty Development Programme on “Multivariate Data Analysis” from 27th January 2017 to 28th January 2017. The event witnessed participation by Faculty members, research scholars and social scientists from different regions of India as well as from foreign countries.

Chief Guest on the Occasion, Prof. Akshaya Kumar Mishra, Director, Institute of Mathematics & Application, Bhubaneswar said that a pure mathematician is taking mathematics from society.  Converting one idea to another idea is transformation. Multivariate data analysis is also a transformation whose every function can be superimpositions of wave. It is prime function of a research to undergo with difficult path, to make the path of others simple. Something challenging is always beautiful.

Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, Founder & Director ASBM commented on the need to boost up the interest in research.  Problem identification, orientation to ask why, research mindset, innovation and Inquisitiveness should come up.  We need certain methods to interpret analysis and comparing statements to achieve core objectives He further said that Ph. D is the beginning of research because a good teacher is also a good researcher

The three-day long FDP was flagged off with an introduction by Dr. Padmanava Mohapatra and vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Prakash Chandra Dash, the coordinators of the event. They made the programme memorable for all participants who were awarded with certificates of participation upon completion of the programme and shared various views on the extensive use of research in different fields of application.